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02/23/2017 by Timofy V.
"I remember seeing these works as a young man. 
They were something else! We did not know if the sky was falling or he was a mad man."

10/08/2016 by Daniel W.
"Believe it or not this is the first time I have ever emailed on the internet! I am 5 monthes off 70 years of age and am learning to use this blasted thing. Anyway I didn't write to bore you with that, I wrote to tell you that Bagradian's works make me feel good about existence and even our garden chores too! I have to confess.
Seriously though, it seems to me that in the end we follow our natural inclinations, regardlessly, so after many years I stand up and say, albeit silently, to my old art lecturers that my gut instincts said it was ok to arrange stuff, indeed add stuff to 'pure things' like painting and drawing! It's funny isn't it, the thing I fought the most (the ARTWORLD) has taught me that people like Stephan Bagradian and Joeseph Cornell do exactly what is the most natural, indeed, intuitive action. Strangely enough I am one to tell other people to follow there creative whisperings. Ha Ha HA HA! Anyway I think this might have taken me a couple of hours to get right. If I can get someone to show me how to send a photo of some of my stuff, well, who knows...thanks heaps, Dan W., Portland OR."

09/11/2016 by Sander L.

11/28/2015 by William G.
"supreme dreaminess, sudden terror truth in curl eyelashes and the four chambers this is echoe and nice music- a yes town, this art agrees: mix nix in mystery steerage three toes into grassy fields and build on a foundational lie that becomes a garbage mouth and  stroking the eyes open with a punch I bought a vessel on this and they took me nowhere, visionary passports of tiger lake varoomed me for the soft blankets the finished Bagradian products wrap us up in"

07/01/2015 by Madeleine W.
"What can I say? They were very thought provoking, interesting, sad, funny, beautiful, ugly, and stale. But in a good way."

Bagradian caught lighting in a bottle again in the 1960s and 70s with his super flat series. Click below to read an academic paper on these works.

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